Breakfast for you and a cooking workshop for the kids (3-8 yrs)

Do you want to have a relaxed start of your weekend?

Come and enjoy a tasty and healthy breakfast at De Gibraltar while your child (ren) are cooking. The staff of the Gibraltar will help the children to make their own breakfast. Take your newspaper and start your weekend well!

3 to 8 years

– workshop child (toast, fresh juice and a fried egg)
– an adult portion of breakfast together € 13
– extra child + € 4

signing up is nice, but not required.

available until sold out…

3 Mei Kefir Workshop

The next Kefir Workshop the 3th of May. From 10:30 till 12:30

The workshop takes 2 hours and costs 25, – per person. The workshop will be in Dutch. I can translate in-between sessions but a little knowledge of the Dutch language can be helpful.
You go home with a big preserving jar filled with Kefir grains and you have brewed your first Kefir using second fermentation. There is enough milk kefir to share.

✔ What is mil and waterkefir?
✔ Try my special flavors for they are tasty!
✔ The basic recipe and taking care of the culture
✔ Second fermentation, bubbles with yes or no
✔ Understanding the ingredients for the second fermentation
✔ How to keep the kefir healthy?
✔ Create your own bottle of soda

Registration for the workshop:
We have a webshop where you can order your spot in the workshop. Your order is compleet when you have received the confirmation.
(webshop is still in dutch please contact me if you need help.)

De Gibraltar
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